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Supporting Women and Families through Pregnancy and Postpartum

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"The birth of my son Leo was a beautiful and empowering experience and one that I will be forever grateful for. Christina was an invaluable resource and support for me and my husband throughout the pregnancy, delivery and postpartum months. Leading up to my due date, Christina made time to skype with me and helped me to prepared for the birth using the Hypnobirthing techniques. She also used this time to listen to my concerns and fears surrounding birth and helped to ease my mind and give me useful tools to relax. By the time I went into labor, I felt prepared both physically and mentally to bring another being into the world.


On the day of my delivery, Christina was a calm and constant presence. She helped me to focus on the hypnobirthing tools that I had practiced leading up to the delivery. She was attuned to my needs and helped to keep a relaxed and calm atmosphere in the delivery room. She helped to guide my husband into how he could best support me. She also provided physical relief during each contraction by providing counter pressure on my hips which I swear gave me the strength to carry out the unmedicated birth that I desired. Both the nurse and the doctor who helped during the delivery independently told me how kind, calm and helpful they found Christina. 


One invaluable gift that Christina was able to provide were the photos of the moments immediately following the birth of our son. My husband and I were able to be fully present in the moment but now have beautiful photos to help us remember those moments forever. 


Christina was also available as a support system once we returned home from the hospital. She was available to answer questions I had about breastfeeding and was again a calming presence who helped me deal with feelings of postpartum anxiety. 


I will forever be grateful to Christina for helping to bring the birth I hoped for to fruition. She was there for the most incredible moments of my life and I wouldn't change one second of it all."

Whitney R.

"Christina's hypnobirth instruction was so helpful during the birth of my second baby. The level of relaxation I was able to achieve during labor made me feel so confident and gave me the strength I needed to bring my baby into the world. Christina helped me recognize that birth was a completely natural event that I could experience from a deepened state of consciousness. With her wisdom I gave birth without any fear. Only empowerment and pure bliss. Thank you so much Christina. I will forever be grateful for our classes together."

Beth F.

"I can honestly say I had my best birth. It was everything I hoped for and more. I know that couldn't have been possible without Christina as part of my birth team. First, she help me prepare mentally by our HypnoBirthing practice with her calm soothing voice walking me through the meditations. Next, she was always there when I needed to talk about any of my fears or concerns. Better yet during my labor and birth she was always right there when I needed her. She also knew when to back off when I needed some space or when my husband was near without me having to say anything. It was like she could read my mind! Even after the birth she was constantly checking up on me to make sure I was ok! You honestly can't go wrong with Christina. She is beautiful person both inside and out. Having a doula present at my birth was a great decision and I don't think I could have done it without her!"

Ashley Y.

Christina is an amazing birth worker. Her knowledge and passion for Hypnobirthing and birth in general is outstanding. During the classes that my husband and I attended we learned so much about birth and how to prepare for our home birth . She helped us feel so calm and ready or the day we brought our son earthside. In the weeks leading up to my birth she went above and beyond to make me feel ready for my baby by helping me release my fears. Christina knew just what I needed on my birth night. As soon as she came to my home she put the rainbow tracks on and put a cold cloth on my forehead which was so relaxing. Christina doesn't just teach hypnobirthing but she embodies it. I can't imagine my birth without her or without Hypnobirth. My family and I love you and cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us.

Alysha H.

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My passion for peaceful birthing stems from my own birth experiences. I've been blessed to be able to share this powerful knowledge with clients to help them achieve the birth they envision for themselves. Peaceful and calm births are often the outcome when clients use HypnoBirthing® to prepare for bringing their babies into the world. Becoming a HypnoBirthing® practitioner was born from this passion, and there is nothing I love more than helping Jersey Shore couples achieve their goal of a calm, gentle birth. 

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"A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them"

Victor Hugo

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